Sunday 25 June 2023

Breaking Boundaries: Henrik Vibskov's New Collection Unboxes Fashion's Conventions and Celebrates 20 Years of Creative Excellence

The vivid orange boxing rings of Henrik Vibskov's presentation at the Lycée Henri-IV in Paris. Main photograph (above) and cover picture of the Wooyoungmi SS24 show by Elli Ioannou for DAM. 

In a departure from conventional inspirations, Danish designer Henrik Vibskov broke new ground with his Spring/Summer 2024 collection, presented in Paris. Drawing from the unexpected realms of cardboard boxes and the art of boxing, Vibskov challenges the limits of creativity and reimagines the concept of packaging. By exploring the symbolic and physical dimensions of boxes, the collection ignites curiosity and prompts us to reconsider the very essence of fashion, writes Antonio Visconti. Photography by Elli Ioannou 

For the new collection, Vibskov was
inspired by both the world of packaging 
and boxing in the ring. 
In a world where fashion constantly seeks inspiration from the unlikeliest sources,
Henrik Vibskov presented a collection that pushes the boundaries of creativity and challenges the notions of packaging. 

For the new SS24 Studio collection, the designer found inspiration in the mundane yet intriguing world of cardboard boxes and the captivating universe of boxing. 

The concept of the box ~ able to both contain and protect precious items during transit ~ resonated deeply with Vibskov. He and his team delved into the significance of boxes, exploring the meticulous act of carefully packing goods, the thrill of sending and receiving packages, and the curious excitement that accompanies the unboxing experience. 

As they explored the ideas, they realized that the human mind has an inherent inclination to sort and categorize, to put things into boxes both physically and symbolically. This unconscious reflex became the driving force behind the collection and reflected this theme in many aspects of the design. 

For the new collection, Henrik Vibskov found inspiration in the mundane yet intriguing world of cardboard boxes and the captivating universe of boxing

The installation of the colorful boxing arena 
created an intriguing space where 
fashion and sport meet. 
The installation of the Vibskov boxing arena in the courtyard of Paris' Lycée Henri-IV was like entering a kaleidoscopic world where fashion and sport collide. The ring, soft and fringed in brilliant orange, pulsated with energy and life. 

Guests were introduced to the fighters ~ Vibskov's creations ~ as they took center stage within ever-changing boxing rings. 

Their movements echo a waltz, gracefully dancing around the rings, inviting viewers to explore the uncharted territories of fashion and self-expression. The collection is even called the Unboxing Waltz Tutorial.

With this new collection, Henrik Vibskov once again proves his ability to challenge conventions and redefines fashion. By drawing inspiration from the world of boxing and the art of unboxing, Vibskov presents a collection that not only celebrates the transient nature of our lives but also promotes sustainability and mindful consumption. 

The designer challenges conventions and redefines fashion, creating a collection that promotes sustainability and mindful consumption

This striking 'boxy' checked suit was part of the 
new SS24 collection. 
Through his innovative designs and conscious choices, Vibskov invites us to unbox not just physical objects but also the symbolic boxes we inhabit, encouraging us to embrace the unexpected and explore the possibilities that lie beyond the confines of tradition.

Dresses and shirts take inspiration from unexpected deliveries, with front and back designs that can be interchanged, blurring the lines between what is expected and what is unconventional. 

Garment details play with the shape of handles, mimicking the practicality of boxes, while textiles reminiscent of bubble wrap add an element of surprise and contrast to the otherwise structured boxy styles. Woven textiles toy with the notion of being in transit or out for delivery.

Prints feature flat unfolded boxes, dynamic collages of boxing rings, and boxing glove flowers: symbolically knocking out preconceived notions and standards. Even the delivery bird makes an appearance, transformed into a peace dove, spreading its message of harmony and unity. 

Vibskov invites us to unbox not just physical objects but also the symbolic boxes we inhabit, encouraging us to embrace the unexpected

This garment (above) has "out for delivery" 
as part of its textile design worn with
an abstracted boxing belt that
 reflects the collection's themes.
To complement the collection, Vibskov collaborated with jewelry designer Vibe Harsløf. The result is an array of silver showpieces and accessories. 

Handmade with intricate detail, these pieces feature silver birds and band aids as pendant earrings, necklaces, and nose pieces. Headpieces adorned with cartoonish birds circling add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the overall aesthetic. 
In an era where sustainable practices in producing fashion are vital, Henrik Vibskov and his team have made conscious choices to ensure the collection aligns with their environmental values. All fabrics used have been upgraded and transformed to be either recycled or organic. In fact, 83% of the garments in the SS24 collection consist of certified fabrics. Vibskov remains committed to increasing the use of both certified organic textiles and using nontoxic dyes and prints.

The designer believes sustainable practices in producing fashion are vital and has ensured the collection aligns with his environmental values.

The knitwear in deep purples and ochres depicts 
bird in a striking pattern. 
Special to this season's collection was Henrik Vibskov's celebration of his 20th anniversary of artistic endeavors in France. The designer graduated from London's Central St Martin’s in 2001 and two years later, in January 2003, he was made a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine. 

For more than ten years, Vibskov was the only Danish fashion designer to be on the official show schedule of the Paris Men's Fashion Week. 

Along with his fashion collections, Vibskov has also exhibited at the Hyeres Festival as well as at Galeries de Galeries, Saint Etienne Biennale, Maison du Danemark and Palais de Tokyo. Multi-talented,Vibskov is also a musician, and has played a number of concerts including with electronic artist, Trentemøller, on stage at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. Other work encompasses designing costumes for Alexander Ekman’s Swanlake shown at Le Théâtre des Champs-Elysées.

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