Thursday 30 November 2023

Escape to the Côte d’Azur: Fashion Editorial by Elli Ioannou in Cannes, France

Liubava Kanarchuk wears a diaphanous, rose-hued pleated gown by Gemy Maalouf with pearls by Bijou de la Mer, as she catches the breeze at Cannes, France

As winter's chill embrace tightens its grip across Europe, hearts yearn for the vivid hues and warm caress of summer days. We embark on a journey to the enchanting city of Cannes in the South of France, where the azure skies and vibrant colors of the French Riviera beckon like a siren's song. Photography by Elli Ioannou; styled by Giorgia Viola & JSN Fashion; modelled by Liubava Kanarchuk; gowns by Gemy Maalouf, Vivienna Lorikeet and RVNG Couture;  jewels by Bijou De La Mer and Helena Joy; location at the Hotel Martinez, Cannes

Running away into the lush 
gardens of the Hotel Martinez
in a gown by Gemy Maalouf
A sense of escape from frosty quotidian days is embodied by a warm afternoon at the Hotel Martinez on Cannes' palm-tree lined Promenade de la Croisette. The Art Deco opulence of this storied place has offered respite to Hollywood stars every May during the film festival. 

Opened in 1929 by Emmanuel Michele Martinez, the son of Sicilian aristocrats, the hotel is a walk to the Palais des Festivals and looks over the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Cannes and out to the Lerin Islands. The languorous gardens and dramatic, wrought-iron stairway provide the perfect canvas for a fashion tale that unfolds against vibrant plants and flowers.  

Flowing gowns designed by Gemy Maalouf, Vivienna Lorikeet and RVNG Couture are a vision of modern elegance. Brilliant orange and bougainvillea hues embody summer afternoons and evenings with an effortless chic. Melbourne-based designer Vivienna Lorikeet's silk organza Blossom Gown (see below) has a glimmering look with hand-beaded sequins on an evanescent digital print. 

While Gemy Maalouf's delicious deep fuchsia dress is from the Lebanese designer's Spring/Summer 2023 collection called Midnight Capri. Whereas the dashing dress and cape by RVNG Couture head designer Jordan Stweart is created from satin with a captivating embroidery. 

The diaphanous dresses and vivid hues mirror the vibrancy of the Mediterranean and tell a story of adventure, and the promise of sun-filled days. Fluid skirts are caught by sea breezes from the nearby plage and drift in the wind. Yet the fine details and delicate embellishments echo the panache of the French Riviera and the allure of a summer escape. 
A brilliant, bougainvillea-hued
 gown by Gemm Maalouf 
shimmers in  the sunshine

Couture Against a Canvas of Azure Skies 

The atmospheric Côte d'Azur and the gowns' evocative silhouettes, textures and colours provide a dynamic contrast to the beauty of French gardens and the seashore where our editorial was shot.

Silken scarves dance in the wind, mimicking the rhythm of the waves, while a molten maxi dress billows with grace, emulating the gentle rustle of palm leaves. 

Beautiful, bold pearls from Bijoux de la Mer and scintillating jewels from Helena Joy enhance the classic lines, creating a perfect look for having an aperitif and dancing the night away: Cannes becomes a living, breathing runway. 

Wintry frosts may envelop those in the Northern Hemisphere, but these transporting images are from a world where the sun always shines, and the days are filled with the promise of new escapades. 

We find solace in the fantasy of the South of France, a visual reverie that warms the soul and ignites the anticipation of brighter, sunnier days to come. ~ Jeanne-Marie Cilento

See the full fashion editorial at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France below.  

Looking across the winding stairs of the Hotel Martinez wearing a RVNG Couture gown and capeJewels by Helena Joy.
Romantic, long gown with embellished bodice by Gemy Maalouf at the Hotel Martinez. Jewels by Bijoux de la Mer. 

On the dramatic stairway in the vivid and elegant gown by Vivienna Lorikeet with its rich tones in silk chiffon. Jewels by Helena Joy.

The colours of flowers in a summer garden, this graceful gown by Gemy Maalouf at the Hotel Martinez. 

The swirling skirt of Vivienna Lorikeet's exquisite couture "Blossom Dress" with sparkling sequins. Jewels by Helena Joy.
The soft pinks and pleats of this delicate dress that is like a pale summer sunset by Gemy Maalouf. Pearls by Bijoux de la Mer.
Gemy Maalouf's gown from her Spring/Summer 2023 collection is perfect for an escape to the South of France. Jewels by Helena Joy.

Amid the summer greenery of the Hotel Martinez Garden, this brightly hued dress by Gemy Maalouf is the perfect foil.

Striking a pose on the stairway wearing the exhilarating cape and gown from RVNG couture with its exquisite embroidery.
Catching the sea breeze on the Hotel Martinez' beachside boardwalk in Gemy Maalouf's diaphanous creation. Jewels by Bijoux de la Mer. 

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