Wednesday 19 April 2023

Highlights of Milan Design Week: Qeeboo's New Collection by Stefano Giovannoni, Philippe Starck, Nika Zupac and Studio Campana

The new coat stand, Saguaro, shaped like a cactus and designed by Stefano Giovanonni. part of his company's new collection launched in Milan. 

Italian brand Qeeboo's latest collection features collaborations with renowned designers including Philippe Starck and Studio Campana, and founder, Stefano Giovannoni. Launched at Milan Design Week, the new works redefine the concept of tableware and the dreamy animal-sculptures have a strong expressive identity, writes Antonio Visconti

Philippe Starck's HelfYourself table, designed.
for the new Qeeboo collection in Milan.
THE most important event
on the international design calendar, the Salone del Mobile in Milan, plus all of the Fuorisalone shows, were back at full capacity this year after the pandemic. 

Italian design brand, Qeeboo founded by Stefano Giovannoni in 2016 launched a new collection at Milan Design Week. The ethos of the company, explains Giovannoni, is to create designs that stimulate self-expression and creativity.

Qeeboo's innovative designs have a twist of pop culture and a quirky individuality combined with attention to detail and high-quality production. 

This year, the company has launched a partnership with star designer Philippe Starck. The new works are called HelpYourself, and are made up of a collection of figurative tables (see above).

“The HelpYourselfs is a family of charming geniuses who watch over the happiness of the house by carrying the tables,” says Philippe Starck. Three legs and three arms are the base for two tabletops of different dimensions and materials. The bigger one (a dining table) holds a glass top while the smaller one (a sidetable) is moulded in one piece with a polyethylene surface.

Italian design brand, Qeeboo was founded in Milan by Stefano Giovannoni in 2016 with the aim of producing designs that stimulate self-expression and creativity

The Brazilian Studio Campana's new Bacana
chair, with its intricate, fluid design. 
Another exciting collaboration was with Studio Campana, the Brazilian design studio, that produced the Bacana, a vividly-colored chair which embodies the fluid lines the company is known for (see at right). 

Qeeboo's product development expertise, combined with Studio Campana's unique style, brings out the chair's intricate design. 

The Bacana chair is the first Campana project industrially developed, using 100% recyclable polypropylene, known for its durability and resistance. 

The winding curves and tangled knots of plastic represent the designers' way of communicating, their own language of forms. In Portuguese slang bacana means “cool”, and it sums up the Campana’s aesthetic. The new chair uses minimum quantities of material, establishing a new standard for sustainable design and mass production. 

The exciting collaboration with Studio Campana,  produced the Bacana chair, establishing a new standard for sustainable design and mass production

Stefano Giovannoni's bookcase inspired by
hollowed-out stones can be upright either
horizonally or vertically. 
Another Giovannoni creation is Koibuchi, a versatile, freestanding bookcase (see at left). Conceived as a wall of sectioned and pierced stones, the bookcase’s holes are configured as a series of interconnected, irregular spaces that can be used to place books, plants or other objects on. 

The bookcase can be standing either horizontally or vertically in any space you wish, in an office or home, and either stand alone to divide spaces or against the wall. 

Made in recyclable polyethylene and available in different colors, the library can be combined with additional units.

Saguaro, a coat stand in the shape of a cactus typical of the Sonoran Desert, is also a part of the new collection (see main picture above)

The cactus grows different branches as it ages and this inspired the tall stand, also designed by Stefano Giovannoni, for coats, hats and jackets. It comes in a variety of colours and is made in recyclable polyethylene and supported by a metal lacquered base: it would make a dramatic and eye-catching statement in any room. 

“The HelpYourselfs is a family of charming geniuses who watch over the happiness of the house by carrying the tables,” says Philippe Starck

Elisa Giovannoni's Cobble table and chairs that
 has central insert for a pot plant 
or for ice and bottles. 
Elisa Giovannoni's Cobble table features a slender top and a central insert that can be used to contain plants or bottles (see at right). 

The coordinated seats complete the set, creating a sense of harmony and balance.  

The table is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The sinuous chair is produced in the same colours as the table.

Kris Ruhs, an artist, joins Qeeboo's creative team and presents Kritters, a collection of animal-sculptures with a strong expressive identity. 

He designed the three ceramic vases in black and white. 

These represent different animals: a cat named Dalila, a dog named Bozo and an owl named Spike.

Elisa Giovannoni's Cobble table features a square top and a central insert that can be used to contain plants or bottles

The new Hungry Frog lamp launched in Milan
and designed by Marcantonio.
Marco Oggian, a multidisciplinary artist, contributes to Qeeboo's collection with a new range of products. 

These include tables, mirrors, carpets, doormats and vases, textile decorated products like cushions and poufs characterized by his unique style and bright colors. 

"A collection that pays homage to the monsters, creatures and all the different beings that make this world so colorful and wonderful," says Oggian.

In addition, Qeeboo is renewing collaborations with some familiar names, including Marcantonio, who presents Hungry Frog, a frog that eats a light bulb (see image at left),  

The Hungry Frog is a small table/wall lamp with the shape of a frog which has eaten the lamp bulb that is now lighting up in its stomach. The string which is attached to the bulb, coming out of the frog’s mouth, is covered in fabric with an integrated switch, allowing you to place it in any corner.

"A collection that pays homage to the monsters, creatures and all the different beings that make this world so colorful and wonderful," says Oggian.

Dai Sugasawa's quirky fish-shaped table lamp,
that is inspired by creatures in the deep sea
with their own internal "lights". 

Nika Zupanc introduces the Ribbon mirror, which hangs from a bow. The newly launched mirror is large and rounded and has the same signature motifs of the other products that make up this collection, including chairs and armchairs.

Dai Sugasawa's Abyss fish-shaped table lamp is inspired by the anglerfish swimming in the deep seas (see picture at right). 

The anglerfish are quite a bony fish (and not as cuddly looking as Sugasawa's design) with a luminescent fin ray that acts as a lure for other fish.

The rather lovable, rounded graphic lamp is designed in different colours and can be used at home, at the studio or the office and makes a singular talking point.

All of these designs are exhibited at the Qeeboo flagship Store in Via Crocefisso 27, Milan.

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