Tuesday 22 December 2015

Interview with David Adams: Filmmaker and Photojournalist

 David Adams riding across the plains during filming in Afghanistan of his enthralling documentary series "Alexander's Lost World."
Australian filmmaker and photojournalist David Adam’s exciting television series Alexander’s Lost World is broadcast on networks around the world. Jeanne-Marie Cilento interviewed the inveterate traveller about his adventures at his beautiful mud-brick home overlooking the Bilgola Plateau in Sydney

DAVID Adams and his cameraman travelled through the most remote regions of Afghanistan over a period of five years researching and filming the documentary series Alexander's Lost World. They travelled and lived like Afghans gaining a profound insight into the people and their culture. 

During the engaging six part series, David Adams takes viewers on a dramatic 2,400 kilometre journey through war-torn Afghanistan and Central Asia, following the course of the Oxus River. While the Ancient Greeks have long been credited for bringing ‘civilization’ to the East, Adams’ series shows how Alexander the Great discovered a highly developed civilisation that predated even the Persians. He explores the mysteries of the Oxus Civilisations and their tremendous fortress cities, recreated with evocative visual effects that make you feel like you are actually there amid the great walls of these ancient bastions.

As a filmmaker and photojournalist, David Adams is well known for his investigative work, particularly focused on indigenous peoples and their disappearing cultures. He has written, directed and produced many documentary films over the past 20 years, including Journeys to the Ends of the Earth, a 13-part documentary series made for the Discovery network.

Adams' passion for archaeology, anthropology and history has taken him around the world from Iran, Siberia and central Asia to the Pacific Rim, Northern and Central Africa. As a widely published photojournalist, his articles have appeared in more than 50 different countries and he has been a war correspondent reporting from Afghanistan and Georgia.
For more information about David Adam's work and Alexander's Lost World visit: davidadamsfilms.com.au.

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