Monday 25 August 2014

Photo Essay: Milan in Light and Shadow

Photo-journalists Christian Evren Gimotea Lozañes and photographer Serena Muccifuora capture Milan's suffused, grey light and the play of sharply delineated shadows cast by sober palazzi lining the boulevards radiating from the city's vast central Piazza del Duomo.

The photographers criss-cross the city to shoot Milan's inner urban grandeur: the great, domed Galleria, the lacy spires of it’s colossal medieval Duomo, the bristling aggression of the vast, towered Castello Sforzesco and the delicately stencilled walls of Art nouveau palaces.

But the weighty, decorative sobriety of Milan's centro storico and the über-modernity of it's design galleries where the scent of good coffee exudes a rich warmth is a stark contrast to the grittier urban reality of long, trafficked streets tightly enclosed by graffiti-clad, post-war apartments blocks.

These ceramic-tiled, blind buildings - metal window shutters pulled down - fill the suburban streets now housing most of the city's population. Canals wind through the fashionable Naviglio area and glint dully in the flat, foggy light - a reminder that Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the city's early town-planners and that Milan once rivalled Venice for it's watery beauty.  ~ Jeanne-Marie Cilento

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