New Design: Scope By MA-Style Architects in Japan
Poised on a hill looking over tea plantations in Southern Japan, Scope is a sculptural new building designed by mA-style architects, reports Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Kai Nakamura.

House I by Japanese Architect Hiroyuki Shinozaki
Ambrosio De Lauro reports on a new house in Tokyo's Tochigi Prefecture by architect Hiroyuki Shinozaki. Photographs by Fumihiko Ikemoto.

Secret Rome: Atmospheric Quartiere Coppedè
Photojournalist Christian Evren Gimotea Lozañes captures the looming Gothic apparition of the Quartiere Coppedè. Jeanne-Marie Cilento reports from Rome.

New Architecture: Japan's Silver Mountain and Red Cliff Tower
Japanese architect Kunihide Oshinomi has designed a glimmering, anthropomorphic building like a futuristic sea anenome at the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Kawasaki prefecture, Ambrosio De Lauro reports with Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Atsushi Nakamichi.

New Architecture: Mirage House on the Island of Tinos, Greece
A spectacular new house being built on the rocky coastline of Greece’s Tinos Island will have an enormous, sparkling rooftop pool that appears to merge with the Aegean sea beyond, writes Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Additional reporting from Greece by Antonio Visconti.

Photo Essay: Positive Tension - Jubilee Church by Richard Meier
Traversing the city of Rome, through poor neighbourhoods far from the splendour of the historic centre, Andreas Romagnoli shoot’s Richard Meier’s Dives in Misericordia (Mercy of God) church. Like an image from a neorealist film, the church appears floating on a field of travertine marble ringed by a tangle of hive-like apartment buildings and a green park, write Andreas Romagnoli & Jeanne-Marie Cilento

New Architecture: Brazil's Casa Cubo by Isay Weinfeld
A spectacular spiral staircase of Brazilian ironwood is the design centerpiece of architect Isay Weinfeld’s new house and gallery in São Paulo, reports Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Fernando Guerra.

Architecture: Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe's Villa Tugendhat
One of the icons of early twentieth century Modernism, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Villa Tugendhat has been restored to it's austere 1929 splendour after a two-year renovation. Filled with many of the architect's influential furniture designs still produced today, the house looks serenely across to the historic centre of Brno in the Czech Republic, write Andreas Romagnoli & Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Andreas Romagnoli.

New Architecture: Festival Hall Tiroler Festspiele Austria
Folded like an origami bird of prey, Austria’s new Festival Hall crouches among the hills of the Tyrol looking ready to take flight, writes Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Brigida González.

Bosco Verticale: Vertical Forest Towers in Milan Near Completion
The urban vertical forest is one of the most intriguing ideas in contemporary architecture. The world’s first forested skyscraper is now nearing completion in the Italian design capital of Milan, reports Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Marco Garofalo & Francesco de Felice.

Spectacular Greek island retreat mixes traditional Cycladic architecture with contemporary design
Clinging to a volcanic hilltop in Oia, the Katikies hotel on the island of Santorini is a maze of white washed cubist buildings like a small, self-contained Grecian town, reports Jeanne-Marie Cilento.

Photo Essay: Rome and the Colosseo Quadrato
For Romans the EUR district represents the world of business and its wide, modern spaces are ringed by monumental buildings from the Fascist era and Italy's post-war boom, write Andreas Romagnoli and Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photography by Andreas Romagnoli.

New Architecture: Green Modernism by Jorge Graça Costa
Big wave surfer José Gregório commissioned architect Jorge Graça Costa to design a house perched on a treed hilltop overlooking San Lorenzo Bay in the Ericeira world surfing reserve, reports Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Fernando Guerra.

New Architecture: The Cliff House on the Alicante Coast in Spain
Perched like a luminous Corbusian shell on a rocky outcrop above the Balearic Sea, this new house was designed by Spanish architects Fran Silvestre, reports Jeanne-Marie Cilento. Photographs by Diego Opazo.

New Animated Film: The ABC of Architects
This charming new animated film by architect Andrea Stinga and graphic designer Federico Gonzalez shows the best-known buildings of 26 famous architects, one for each letter of the alphabet, reports Sheherazade James.

Renzo Piano's controversial new auditorium opens in L'Aquila
Renzo Piano’s new temporary auditorium opened in L'Aquila by Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano, reports Jeanne-Marie Cilento.

Daily Design Fix: Naples University Metro by Karim Rashid
Karim Rashid's University metro stop in Naples has polarised opinion between those who love it's colour and fun and those who question the designer's use of his signature motifs and the station's graphic rather than architectural quality.

Photo Essay: Surviving the Grey in Kiev ~ by Andreas Romagnoli
Braving freezing temperatures, Italian photographer Andreas Romagnoli captured Kiev under a veil of snow. Travelling across the city amid the gloomy splendour of it's Metro, he photographs the vast underground arcaded halls, decorated as imposing railway palaces, icy streets and the mysterious House of the Chimaeras, writes Jeanne-Marie Cilento.
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